We use Quickbooks Online, a cloud based accounting software which can be accessed from any computer, Mac or PC or any mobile device. We are Quickbooks Online Certified Pro-Advisors and can offer training on this most-intuitive program.

A certified ProAdvisor has undertaken the QuickBooks training program. They have learned the in’s and out’s of the software so you do not have to. They are the first to be made aware of changes to the program and can offer you information on updates. Going through a ProAdvisor will also get you a discount on your subscription (50% less). They also have a special representative, so your questions will be answered faster than usual.

Every business needs bookkeeping. Most entrepreneurs who are just starting out do the bookkeeping themselves. To know if you have reached a stage where you need bookkeeping services, ask yourself if the following are true:

  1. Do you find you have no time to do bookkeeping tasks?
  2. Do you dislike tracking expenses, income, receipts, and financials?
  3. Are you unsure if your business is profitable or if you are wasting money on unnecessary expenses?
  4. Has your accountant recommended that you find a professional bookkeeper?

  1. A bookkeeper will manage day-to-day financial records for your business.
  2. Use accounting software that helps streamline your business.
  3. Use software to track income and expenses.
  4. Will categorize and prioritize your transactions, such as expenses, income, receipts, and fees.
  5. Provide you with all financial statements.
  6. Communicate with your accountant.

No. We do not currently offer tax services. We will, however, work directly with your accountant so that they have everything they need to accurately file your taxes. We plan to offer tax services in the future, so we will keep you posted.

Each month you will send us receipts and any transaction details that we request. As time passes we will begin to know you, your staff, and your process and the monthly correspondence will get shorter and more efficient. In the beginning, answering a short questionnaire will help us greatly to understand your needs. Once completed and the proposal is agreed on we will send you a list of items we need in order to complete your file and get to work.

You can expect a complimentary phone consultation, an in-depth review of your books, and recommendations on how to proceed. We will suggest customized solutions, as well as tech and automation recommendations, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, etc. You will receive financial reports that are easy to understand, explained in a way that makes sense and have all of your questions answered.

While this is certainly helpful, we do not require it. Although, the more organized you are, the faster we will be able to perform your bookkeeping tasks.

We have experience in many industries. The areas we have the most experience in are painting, writing, fashion, photography, talent agencies, publishing, graphic design, and other artistic professions. Our staff also has extensive experience in automotive, construction, home remodeling, technology, service-based businesses, and restaurants.

No. Some of our clients prefer to meet in person, some over the phone, some over video chat, and some over email. If you are in the Chicagoland area, we are happy to set up a meeting in person if you would like. If you are anywhere else, just schedule a video conference or phone call here

Absolutely! While art is our passion, we also work with other small businesses and would love to learn more about your company. Let’s chat and see how we can help you and your business grow.

Yes, we have the liability insurance needed for bookkeepers.

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